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It's still abbreviated HE, though. - Ship It, Fish!

About It's still abbreviated HE, though.
Previous Entry It's still abbreviated HE, though. Saturday 1 November 2014 @ 14:22 Next Entry
Jon Stewart said a few nights ago (just catching up) in a bit about how Texas puts its name on everything: "Texas Hold'em? There are no other Hold'ems".
Of course, poker players cringe to hear that because Omaha is actually Omaha Hold'em.
OTOH, most poker players call Texas Hold'em by just the name "Hold'em" and Omaha Hold'em by the name "Omaha".
So I guess he has a point: the texas variety owns the name a bit.
What really bugs me is people who say they play "no limit", as if NL HE and Limit HE are the only two games that exist. ;)
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