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Moving The Cash Out - Ship It, Fish!

About Moving The Cash Out
Previous Entry Moving The Cash Out Saturday 14 October 2006 @ 19:53 Next Entry

I cleared the PokerStars bonus last night. They have allowed me to request a by-SNAIL cashout via check. It's submitted for processing, so I'll see if it they do it. I sure hope so, because the only options they gave my account on cashout was that and Netteller.

I appreciate and am glad that PokerStars is one of the site that has maintained that online poker is legal, but the FirePay games they are playing really have turned me off from their site. I'll stick to Doyle's Room, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker (and maybe UltimateBet), which all have made statements they they will keep going and are honoring FirePay cashouts until the end.

Since my Epassporte account isn't set up yet, I'm heavily playing through remaining bonuses this Saturday (tomorrow is my home game), to try and get to the point where I can cash out with bonus before FirePay closes.

FirePay changed their fees with no notice to $10/cashout (up from $0/cashout). I can't blame them that much, I'd rather they do that then refuse to let people cashout.

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