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About Live Blog Main Event, 2006, Hour 10 and 11 - Ship It, Fish!

About About Live Blog Main Event, 2006, Hour 10 and 11
Previous Entry About Live Blog Main Event, 2006, Hour 10 and 11 Friday 11 August 2006 @ 05:00 Next Entry
(Remember, I've taken the “,000” off of the numbers, because there is no point in typing the chip inflation.)

05:12 EDT: Too tired to keep up. Can barely watch. Enjoy the rest.

04:40 EDT: Cunningham is in all-in mode; he's just come over the top of Wasicka.

04:24 EDT: Three way flop between Gold, Wasicka, and Cunningham. They check through J-A-9 (all hearts), and A comes on the turn. Gold takes a while and checks, and Wasicka grabs some chips and bets a third of the pot. Alan makes it 3,000 to go, and Wasicka moves in. Alan tosses what I think was a small flush, and showed Alan nut-no-pair with no heart draw. Alan says he had TT with Th; I don't believe it.

04:16 EDT: Wasicka is reraising again; this time Gold and he got Gold to throw it. Wasicka is the preflop reraising expert at this table, it seems.

04:15 EDT: Cunningham and Gold take a flop. Gold checks in the dark, and then check raises on A-J-2. Cunningham moved in, and Gold folded after goofing. I think Cunningham had at worst AQ and Gold had a bad ace.

04:05 EDT: Gold's reraising takes another pot.

03:55 EDT: Another reraise by Wasicka. He's pushing hard preflop!

03:46 EDT: Cunningham raised, Gold called, and now Butler moved in, but he doesn't have enough anymore. Cunningham and Gold will probably call and check it down. Instead, Gold bets top pair on the turn, and busts Butler. Everyone gets $400,000 more.

03:40 EDT: Cunningham is leading at every flop he sees and they are folding to him. Cunningham's stack isn't that big, but he's really chopping to get his stack up there.

03:39 EDT: Gold is back. Butler just pushed again. Cunningham has a decision. It was probably a weak A, and he folded. Butler probably had AK.

03:30 EDT: Cunningham reraised Butler all-in preflop and Butler folded and Cunningham showed but we couldn't see it. Meanwhile, Gold is not there anymore; he's off naping or something...

03:28 EDT: Binger is really giving a good push. He just reraised an obviously weak Wasicka. Maybe he had it, but regardless, he's transitioning into more aggressive play now that he has chips, and that's very good given how passive he was earlier.

03:24 EDT: Cunningham is really trying to bully the table and it is not working. He's getting pushed around on most flops he tries to make continuation bets. He probably should have shifted gears like 10-20 hands ago.

03:19 EDT: Wasicka made it 1,000 and Binger quickly moved all-in. Binger must have a hand, because Wasicka has been playing so tight. It's 5,700 more to Wasicka; seems strange if he'd fold, but he really wants to outlive Binger and Butler. Wow, I had that wrong, Wasicka made a bad call. Binger has Kc Kh and Wasicka has Kh Qs. Board of 3-7-Q-A-2 and Binger has doubled up. All of Wasicka's good play and his lucky KT for naught.

03:11 EDT: Binger just moved all in on a 7-3-2 rainbow flop with Cunningham pushing the action, and Cunningham gave it up.

03:00 EDT:

I am live-blogging the pay-per-view ESPN Coverage. I was starting a new post each hour, but now it's every two. I'm running out of energy.

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