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Bradley: Ship It, Fish!

Ugh! Tough Weekend Means No Newbie Post

I lost about $1,000 this weekend. It's happened before; I've had other weekends like this. Just two months ago, I lost $2,500 in one weekend, actually. I lost $990 once in a single night at the old O Club. But, this recent loss has killed my desire momentarily to make my normal Sunday newbie post. :)

But, this can serve the preamble to one of the newbie posts: make sure you have adequate bankroll for the games you are playing. If I didn't have such, a $1,000 loss would be devastating. As it stands, it's a big annoyance requiring me to move money around in accounts that will take a day or two, but it's not the end of poker for me, or even a reason to drop down in stakes. I'll just take a break and push in again later this week.

I got in some bad situations (contrary to the ranty guy who beat me then berated my bad play on Full Tilt, Ad Qd on the flop of 2d 3d 5s is still a favorite, even against Ks Kd). But, I also played badly for at least $500 of the losses. I made some major mistakes I'll have to post about later, if I'm not too embarrassed by my abysmal play. (I'm not sure what to ask my coach about what to do when I look back even minutes later and see that I've done the wrong thing and what the right thing would have been. I guess I need to work on my “in the moment” reasoning.)

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