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Star Trek Poker References - Ship It, Fish!

About Star Trek Poker References
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I am glad that someone has bothered to catalog all the ST:TNG episodes that have poker in them. When I hosted poker games in high school and college, we used to watch the poker scenes from ST:TNG if there had been any that week, and frequently use quotes from them.

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From:jbailey on 28 May 2009 at 03:36
Hah, awesome. =)
From:leperello on 5 June 2009 at 06:27
Subject: Star Trek
I remember watching the old episodes and seeing Data playing and how he was too mechanical to be successful because he couldnt understand bluffing. Lol. Thanks for link anyways.
From:nodeposit_poker on 27 October 2010 at 10:31
Hahaha there should be a poker room called DataPoker :)

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