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epassporte Gone, Experiment Done - Ship It, Fish!

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I never got around to posting, but I did my “something from nothing” experiment for the first part of this year. I got $1,200 on Cake by using Cake Points (Gold Chips), Gold Card bonuses, and the pennies left in my account. I had moved up to $0.25/$0.50 NL HE and was seeing how far I could get. Then epassporte closed up shop. Cake is now using some sketchy cashout mechanism (they ask participants not to identify which payment processor they are using publicly for fear they will get shut down. Funny!). So, I decided today to try to take the $1,200 and give up. I have 20 GC's left; maybe I'll see if I can turn that into something.

I also have a ton of UB points too. I did use those to win my wife an Ipod and also entered a few tourneys. I worked it up to about $30 but proceeded to go broke by playing to high. I think I have $6.50 left there, plus about 25,000 UB points..

I didn't do my annual tax post for my 2007 results on April 15th. I'll have to post it later. I did have a huge tax bill because of all the Cake money I made early on in 2007.

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From:(Anonymous) on 25 June 2008 at 07:13
Subject: Epassporte is Gone :-(
That was most annoying news, when I heard that ePassporte will not proccess payments for gambling purposes.
I remember the time, when I used ePassporte to cash out at PokerRoom. I received huge winning ($10k - it was maximum at that time, per one transaction) in less then 24hours! It was amazing.
Perhaps Netteler can fix those things, but the problem is that they doesn't support my country. :-(
Seems like MoneyBookers is best option at the moment. ;-)
From:alex_pokerboss on 25 June 2008 at 21:15
Yep, that's pretty bad that ePassporte is gone for gambling transactions. But there seems to be nice replacement. Netteler and MoneyBookers can fix those things ;-)
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